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File Aug 14, 8 58 04 AM

Calvary Baptist Church, in Franklin, KY, was in need of a new sanctuary; so in 2012, a design/build company called Habour Design, was hired to oversee their project. Pro Sound was brought onto the project early in the design phase to help with the audio, video, and lighting needs for their new sanctuary, and throughout the entire building.  Working closely with the minister and his building committee, details of their audio/video needs were planned in advance of breaking ground. Planning design details in advance is the preferred method; it allows us to incorporate the audio/video equipment into the overall building details.

 The heart of the audio system is an Allen and Heath QU series digital mixer, that provides 24 inputs and multiple outputs that feed the main speakers, side-fills, floor monitors, balcony delay, sub-woofers, audio-to-video recording, and hearing-assistive listening devices. The main speakers are from the JBL Application Engineered (AE) Series. The AE Series is a complete line of permanent installation loudspeakers, containing the performance and features, that meet the needs of churches and schools alike. Crown XTI power amps provide power for the system and an assortment of Audio Technica wired and wireless microphones provide input signal.

 The video playback system has a dual front screens and a rear confidence screen that are painted with Goo Systems proprietary paint system that mimics the reflective qualities of traditional manual and electric video screens.  Three Hitachi 6500 lumens projectors are the light engines for the screen image. Additional equipment installed were from professional manufactures including Kramer, Hall Research and Chief Manufacturing.

 Two Datavideo PTC-120 HD robotic cameras capture the images inside the sanctuary, that are used for both live video distribution and recording. They are controlled via IR from the remote controllers that are included with each camera. Blackmagic Design ATEM Television Studio software on an Apple iMac computer has dual purposes, serving as both the virtual camera switcher and the HD video recorder. HD video out of the ATEM feeds into a PVI Micromod and is distributed on co-ax cable to televisions throughout the building. As with all systems sold by Pro Sound, extensive testing and training are always included in the price.

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