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Forks of Elkhorn Baptist Church


One of the services that Pro Sound and Lights has available to its clients is acoustic treatment. The Forks of Elkhorn Baptist Church in Midway, KY built a new education wing in 2013; one of the many new classrooms was a children’s worship space. The room was designed by an architect that may not have understood how important the shape and building materials of a space could effect the acoustics. The room was essentially a perfect box shape with drywall on the ceiling and walls; the floor surface was covered in a short pile carpet. The room was very reverberant, with a 3 second reverberation time, and a tremendous amount of “ping pong effect.”

 After occupying the room for several months, the leaders of the children’s worship ministry asked Pro Sound if something could be done to reduce the reverberation. One of the companies that Pro Sound works with is Prosocoustics, based out of Ohio. This company builds acoustic panels for all applications in highly reverberant spaces.  Pro Sound visited the church, took measurements and photos, then sent this data to the acoustics engineers at Prosocoustics. After examining the data, Prosocoustics designed an acoustic treatment that would reduce the reverberation to manageable levels.  Their solution involved applying 2’ x 4’ panels to the wall in a pattern that would maximize the absorption of reflected sound.

 The church was able to choose from many different colors of fabric to match their decor.  Panel installation was performed by Pro Sound installers, completed in just 10 hours. The results reduced the reverberation down from 3 seconds to a manageable 1.1 seconds. The design work done by Prosocoustics is a free service that we highly recommend.  It would be very difficult for the average person to “guess” as to how many panels, what size or shape, and the correct placement to get the job done right. This is just one example of how Pro Sound and Lights, working with companies like Prosocoustics, achieves their customers’ desired results.

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