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Clark Co UK Extension Office

File Aug 30, 12 55 56 PM

The University of Kentucky has Cooperative Extension Offices all throughout the state, and the office in Clark County has recently received an amazing AV upgrade.  Utilizing the latest in control systems and high definition video distribution, Pro Sound and Lights was able to design and install a powerful and flexible multiple display system.

When designing video distribution systems for rooms that have various configurations, it is vital that the infrastructure of the system be reliable and easily configurable for the end user.  The stunning 10” touch panel provides an ease of use that allows non-AV specialists to utilize the space to its full potential without needing a huge manual every time the system is used.  The user interface is kept as simple as possible, while the internal configuration of the system does all of the hard work behind the scenes.

A TV or projector remote control can be difficult to keep track of, but the control system eliminates the need for keeping track of or finding the right remote.  With just a few simple touches, the system is up and running, whether you have a full size meeting using all three rooms combined, three separate smaller meetings going on at the same time, or you have any other room combination in use.  Digital audio processing that mirrors the configuration of the video displays also is integrated into the system, providing a seamless audio/video experience.

Contact Pro Sound and Lights today and let us create an amazing custom audio/video system for you!

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