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Across the street from Powell County High School in Stanton, lies one of the best sound systems in Eastern Kentucky. Emmanuel Baptist Church was in need of an upgrade. Their old sound system was a hodgepodge of outdated unsightly speakers that was not fulfilling the needs of the church community. The call to Pro Sound prompted a listening demo of a Worx Audio sound system. Hearing the warmth and clarity of the pastors spoken voice over the new array, the committee decided to purchase their new Worx Audio sound system. We removed the clutter of their old system off their stage and hung the new system in a nice stereo alignment from the ceiling. We also placed a pair of chest thumping dual 18”subwoofers underneath the stage for a greater presence of low end without any obstruction visually. Their new sound system brings to life the talent of their church band as well as provides the pastor with the comfort of knowing that every word spoken will be heard with clarity. With training and service provided by Pro Sound, the church looks forward to using their sound system every Sunday.  Another advantage the new sound system brings is the church now has the ability to bring in touring Christian acts to their community. Give us a call today and let us help you be heard in your community.

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