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River of Life ministries is now in their new home. Working with the pastor, contractor, and church volunteers every step of the way, we designed and installed brand new state of the art systems.  The sound system, video projection, HD video capture, and stage lights were specifically tailored to meet the needs of the church. When the installation was complete, the training began. We sat down with volunteers and leaders to insure their understanding of the equipment.  Each system contributes an important aspect to their worship service. Together they culminate into an example of a wonderful contemporary service.

The sound system covers the entire audience. The spoken word is crisp and clean, while maintaining a deep warm tone for praise and worship music. By using a digital console, we are able to distribute separate mixes to all the band members using in-ear monitors, which also greatly reduces stage noise. Therefore, the overall volume of the sound system is decreased, making an ideal listening level for both the band and the congregation. The digital console also provides another mix for the video capture room. The High Definition multi-camera TV studio switcher setup at River of Life incorporates different viewing angles as well as their multimedia presentation, while providing a high definition recording and stream of their service. The robotic PTZ cameras have a less intrusive footprint and require fewer volunteers to run them. The easy to use controller and video mixing station equip the user with a variety of functions that will enhance the viewer’s experience of the worship service.

The lighting system integrates architectural and stage lighting into an easy to use iPad app. The LED lights consume less energy, produce less heat, and give the users an assortment of options. The LED stage wash lights support a wide variety of colors for setting the stage. While the LED Ellipsoidal lights give brightness and focus to the presenter. The lights can be configured to set the mood for any occasion, whether it is a Sunday service, a youth group event, or a wedding. The lighting compliments any event.

The multimedia presentation includes dual fixed wall screens and projectors. The size and brightness of the image is paramount for worshiper’s ability to keep up with songs, scriptures, and important video messages. The placement of the screens allows the congregation to view what is going on from any seat. In addition, a confidence monitor located in the back of the sanctuary allows the people on stage to keep up with the congregation.

The most important part of each of these systems we installed is a competent operator. We provided training for each system until the volunteers were comfortable to use it on their own.  When each system is combined for singular purpose, it effectively enhances the experience of the leaders, the band, and worshipers.

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